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Sound and Vibration Links



  1. National Council of Acoustical Consultants – http://ncac.com – Consultant directory for United States
  2. Canadian Acoustical Association – http://caa-aca.ca – Consultant directory for Canada
  3. Australian Acoustical Society – http://acoustics.asn.au – Promotes and advances the science and practice of acoustics in all its branches to the wider community and provide support to acousticians
  4. Acentech – https://acentech.com – Acoustics, audiovisual, and vibration consulting to clients across the globe
  5. Acoustic Associates – http://acousticassociates.co.uk – Consultants for the solution of noise and vibration problems based in the UK
  6. Acoustics Associates, Ltd. – http://acousticassociates.com – Consultants specializing in acoustics, sound assessment, noise control, hearing conservation, and audiology based in Illinois
  7. ACRAN – http://acran.com.au – Noise control and air movement engineers based in Australia
  8. Aercoustics – http://aercoustics.com – Consultants in acoustics, noise, and vibration based in Ontario, Canada
  9. Acoustical Investigation and Research Organization Ltd. (AIRO) – http://airo.co.uk – Acoustic consultancy and test house specializing in acoustics, noise and vibration
  10. ANCO Engineers – http://ancoengineers.com – Test systems and services for strength and vibration testing of materials, equipment, products, and structures
  11. Applied Acoustic Design – http://aad.co.uk – Consultants providing a practical approach to acoustic consulting support for noise control and vibration control issues based in the UK
  12. APT Acoustics – http://aptacoustics.co.uk – Acoustic testing and consultancy service based in the UK
  13. Arpeggio Acoustics LLC – http://arpeggioacoustics.com – Consultants with expertise in room acoustics, noise and vibration control based in Georgia
  14. Associates in Acoustics – http://esion.com – Consultants in Colorado
  15. ATA Engineering Inc – http://ata-engineering.com – Team of uniquely qualified engineers with offices throughout the United States providing innovative solutions to advanced acoustic and vibration problems using software and services in a state-of-the-art facility
  16. Big Sky – Audio & Acoustic Engineering – http://bigskyacoustics.com – Acoustical consulting firm based in Montana that specializes in architectural acoustics and environmental noise control
  17. BKL Consultants Ltd. – http://bkl.ca – Wide range of acoustical, noise, and noise and vibration control design services based in Vancouver, BC
  18. Brown Buntin Assoc Inc – http://brown-buntin.com – Consulting firm offering comprehensive services in environmental noise assessment and control and in architectural acoustics based in Northern California
  19. Cambridge Collaborative – http://seam.com – Diagnostic acoustic and vibration testing to confirm and correlate dominant noise transfer paths and mechanisms within analytical models
  20. Campanella Associates – http://campanellaacoustics.com – Consultants in Ohio
  21. CCR Associates LLC – http://ccrllc.com – Consulting practice that specializes in turnkey acoustical solutions for office spaces based in Connecticut
  22. Charles M. Salter Associates – http://cmsalter.com – Acoustic and vibration consulting firm based in Northern California with notable projects such as Lucasfilm Skywalker Ranch, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
  23. Chips Davis Designs – http://chips-davis.com – Consultant specializing in the acoustical analysis and design of critical listening spaces based in Northern California
  24. Colin Gordon Associates – http://colingordon.com – Consultants specializing in architectural, industrial, and structural noise and vibration based in Northern California
  25. CSA Engineering – http://csaengineering.com – Advanced vibration and motion control solutions for space, transportation, and energy with offices across the United States
  26. DynaTech Engineering, Inc. – http://dynatechengr.com – Mechanical engineering consulting firm specializing in rotating machinery vibration analysis and testing
  27. Electronic Sound Company – http://electronicsound-ia.com – Consultants providing sound system, acoustical and control system designs based in Iowa
  28. Engineering Dynamics Inc. (EDI) – http://engdyn.com – 1-Sep-2002 – Specialists in vibration, pulsation and machinery dynamics based in Texas
  29. Enidine (an IMC company) – http://enidine.com – Vibration isolation, energy absorber engineering
  30. Environmental Noise Control – http://baenc.com – Specializing in all aspects of environmental noise and vibration measurement, monitoring, analysis and mitigation with offices across the United States
  31. Harris Miller Miller & Hanson – http://hmmh.com – Environmental planning including noise and vibration control, air quality analysis, airport and airspace planning
  32. Henderson Engineers – http://hendersonengineers.com – Consultants offering acoustic and vibration services with offices across the United States
  33. Howe Gastmeier Chapnik Limited (HGC Engineering) – http://acoustical-consultants.com – Consulting engineers specializing in noise reduction, vibration isolation and acoustics
  34. HWL Scientific Instruments GmbH – http://hwlscientific.com – A german company specializing in consultancy and customized solutions to overcome vibration problems for highly sensitive instrumentation
  35. Industrial Vibration Consultants – http://ivctechnologies.com – Consultants in industrial vibration based in Ohio
  36. Isolation Technology – http://isolationtech.com – Vibration isolators, soundproofing and vibration control
  37. ISVR Consultancy Services – http://isvr.co.uk – Consultants in noise, acoustics and vibration with extensive test facilities based at Southampton UK
  38. J&A Enterprises – http://jandaenterprises.com – Marine noise and vibration control engineers
  39. Lewis S. Goodfriend & Associates – http://lsga.com – Acoustical engineering consulting firm based in New York offering professional services in the fields of architectural acoustics; building acoustics; noise evaluation and abatement including environmental, industrial and transportation; HVAC, vibration analysis and expert witness testimony
  40. Great Lakes Sound and Vibration Inc. – http://glsv.com – Engineering services company based in Michigan with a strong background in solving acoustics, vibration and shock related problems
  41. Hankard Environmental Inc. – http://hankardinc.com – Professional services firm based in Wisconsin specializing in defining and meeting environmental noise limits including in-situ noise measurements, regulatory compliance assessments, permitting, noise mitigation recommendations, and expert witness testimony
  42. MJM Acoustical Consultants Inc. – http://mjm.qc.ca – Consultants specialized in acoustics and noise control for buildings, industry and environment based in Montreal
  43. Acoustics by JW Mooney – http://jwmooney.com – Consultant in acoustics and vibration based in Illinois
  44. Kirkegaard Associates – http://kirkegaard.com – Consulting services in the areas of architectural acoustics, mechanical noise and vibration control, and audio/video/visual systems
  45. Machine Dynamics Inc. – http://machinedyn.com – Dedicated to correcting vibration problems and to spreading this predictive maintenance technology through articles, books, and professional training based in New Mexico
  46. MD Acoustics – https://mdacoustics.com – Consultants located in Arizona and Southern California
  47. Mechanical Solutions Inc. – http://mechsol.com – Consultants specializing in vibration and acoustic analysis, test, and troubleshooting for mechanical systems of many types, and particularly for rotating machinery based in New Jersey
  48. Metropolitan Acoustics – http://metro-acoustics.com – 31-Aug-2002 – Consulting firm based in Pennsylvania providing services in architectural acoustics, noise control, and sound and A/V system design
  49. Michael Minor and Associates – http://drnoise.com – Noise, air, and vibration consultant based in Oregon
  50. Navcon Engineering – http://navcon.com – Engineering consulting and technical training for noise and vibration based in Southern California
  51. Nelson Acoustical Engineering, Inc. – http://nelsonacoustical.com – Consulting on product and equipment noise control, sound quality, and general noise and vibration control based in Texas
  52. Newson Brown Acoustics – http://newsonacoustics.com – Consultants specializing in architectural acoustics, building services, noise and vibration control, environmental acoustics, and troubleshooting based in Southern California
  53. Noise Control Engineering – http://noise-control.com – Noise and vibration consulting engineering for marine, commercial and industrial projects based in Massachusetts
  54. Noise Control Systems – http://noisecontrolsystems.com – Application engineering for industrial noise control applications based in Louisiana
  55. Noise & Vibration Engineering Ltd – http://noise-vibration.co.uk – Consultants in noise and vibration based in the UK
  56. Ostergaard Acoustical Associates – http://acousticalconsultant.com – Consultants in New Jersey
  57. Patching Associates Ltd – http://patchingassociates.com – Consultants based in Calgary specializing in noise impact assessments, advanced acoustical testing, modeling and analysis
  58. Philip Dunbavin Acoustics (PDA) Ltd – http://pdaltd.com – Consultancy providing expert analysis, advice and design in all areas of acoustics, noise and vibration based in the UK
  59. Quality Reasearch, Development, and Consulting Inc – http://qrdc.com – A research and development company specializing in Energy Flow Control and Energy Efficiency
  60. Reactec – http://reactec.com – Specialists in hand arm vibration, whole body vibration, machinery vibration and marine vibrations
  61. RH Lyon Corp – http://LyonCorp.com – Specializes in quiet product design with strengths in acoustics and noise control, vibration, sound quality, and machine dynamics
  62. Rotor Bearing Technology and Software, Inc – http://rbts.com – Consulting firm based in Philadelphia specializing in rotating machinery and structural engineering including rotor dynamics, bearings, bearing systems and seals
  63. Russ Berger Design Group – http://rbdg.com – Consultants specializing in acoustical and architectural design for recording studios and broadcast facilities based in Texas
  64. SAI – http://sai-acoustique.fr – Engineering firm based in France specializing in the design, manufacture, and installation of custom-made solutions for all industries with performance guarantees in noise reduction, air filtration, mechanics and thermomechanics
  65. Sandy Brown Associates – http://sandybrown.com – Consultants in acoustics, noise, and vibration based in the UK
  66. Shen, Milsom, & Wilke Inc. – http://smwinc.com – Architectural acoustics, mechanical noise and vibration analysis and control, as well as structural dynamics and environmental assessments
  67. Smith, Fause & McDonald, Inc. – http://sfmi.com – Engineering firm with acoustics capabilities including room acoustics, sound isolation and HVAC noise and vibration control
  68. Soundown – http://soundown.com – Noise and vibration control engineering for architectural, marine, and industrial applications
  69. Stewart Acoustical Consultants – http://stewartacousticalconsultants.com – Specializing in noise control primarily for the architectural, environmental, and industrial workplace markets based in North Carolina
  70. Thorburn Associates – http://ta-inc.com – Consultants specializing in acoustical consulting, technology engineering, and lighting design with offices across the United States
  71. Trelleborg Rubore – http://rubore.com – Brake noise and vibration damping solutions for automotive and industrial applications
  72. Van Cappellen Consultancy – http://vancappellen.org – Innovative solutions for noise and vibration control on luxury yachts
  73. Vec Inc – http://vecsa.com – Vibration engineering consultants in Massachusetts and Arizona
  74. Veneklasen Associates – http://veneklasen.com – Global consultants in acoustics, noise, vibration, audio-visual (AV), information technology (IT), and security
  75. Vibration Engineering Consultants – http://vibeng.com – Structural and equipment vibration consultants dedicated to the needs of the microelectronics and micro manufacturing industries
  76. Vibro-Acoustic Consultants – http://va-consult.com – Specializing in interior and environmental vibration and noise control, and vibration, noise, and acoustical measurement capabilities for all settings, and vibration and noise monitoring for industry, construction, and environmental needs based in Northern California
  77. Vibro-Acoustics – http://vibro-acoustics.com – Consultants in Ontario Canada
  78. Vibrock Ltd – http://vibrock.com – Consultants specializing in vibration, emission, noise measurement, prediction and control based in the UK
  79. Wilson, Ihrig, and Assoc. – http://wiai.com – Noise, vibration and acoustical consulting firm with offices in California, Washington and New York
  80. Wölfel Beratende Ingenieure GmbH & Co – http://woelfel.de – Consulting engineers who specialize in vibration and noise reduction, rotor dynamics and earthquake based in Germany

Educational Websites

  1. Acoustical Society of America – http://acousticalsociety.org – Generating, disseminating, and promoting the knowledge and practical applications of acoustics
  2. European Acoustical Association – https://euracoustics.org – Promotes development and progress of acoustics in its different aspects, its technologies and applications
  3. Acoustical Society of Japan – http://asj.gr.jp – Promotes the advancement of the science and technology of acoustics
  4. Acoustics Vibration and Control Research Group – http://mecheng.adelaide.edu.au/avc – Diverse research interests including active noise and vibration control, kinematics, dynamics and control, ultrasound, vibration isolation, thermoacoustics, vibro-acoustics, underwater acoustics, noise control and more
  5. ANVC – http://avnc.com – Offers acoustic and vibration courses combining fundamentals with hands-on experience on topics including acoustics, vibrations, noise control, modal analysis, noise & vibration instrumentation, noise & vibration measurements, digital signal processing for acoustics & vibrations, and sound intensity
  6. Canadian Machinery Vibration Association – http://cmva.com – A non-profit association whose fields of interest include machinery dynamics and all aspects of condition monitoring and predictive maintenance of machinery, especially vibration monitoring and analysis
  7. Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden – http://chalmers.se/en/departments/ace/research/appliedacoustics – Research within the division is is organised in two research groups, the Audio Technology reasearch group and the Vibroacoustics research group
  8. Technical University of Denmark – http://dtu.dk/english/Education/msc/Programmes/engineering_acoustics – Focusing on multidisciplinary studies of sound and vibration phenomena
  9. Equipment Reliability Institute (ERI) – http://equipment-reliability.com – Specialized school focused on hardware reliability
  10. Exploresound – http://exploresound.org – ASA’s K-12 outreach site with activities for students and research-based, student tested materials for teachers
  11. Georgia Tech Acoustics – http://me.gatech.edu/research/acoustics – Graduate research program in acoustics and dynamics
  12. HGC Knowledge Center – http://modalanalysis.com – Explanations of modal and advanced acoustic analysis including sound intensity
  13. Institute of Noise Control Engineering – http://inceusa.org – A non-profit professional organization whose primary purpose is to promote, through its members, noise control solutions to environmental, product, machinery, industrial and other noise problems
  14. International Institute of Acoustics and Vibration (IIAV) – https://iiav.org – Promotes the interdisciplinary areas of study within acoustics and the mechanics of solids and fluids
  15. International Commission for Acoustics – http://icacommission.org – Promotes international development and collaboration in all fields of acoustics including research, development, education, and standardization
  16. University of Leuven Noise and Vibration – http://www.mech.kuleuven.be/en/research/mod – Advanced industrial applications in the field of noise and vibration engineering
  17. Universiti Teknologi Malaysia Acoustics Research Group – http://www.fke.utm.my/research-groups/arg – Researchers in the field of acoustics, room acoustics, and environmental noise.
  18. McGill University – https://secureweb.mcgill.ca/mecheng/research/vibrations – Researchers in vibrations, acoustics and fluid-structure interaction located in in Montreal, Canada
  19. MTI Instruments – https://www.mtiinstruments.com/knowledge-center/important-terminology-measurement-system-selection/ – Terminology for measurement system selection
  20. Norwegian University of Science and Technology – http://ntnu.edu/ies/acoustics-group – Studies the generation, propagation and reception of sound waves, as well as transducers and related signal processing
  21. Penn State Center for Acoustics and Vibration (CAV) – http://www.cav.psu.edu – One of the largest and most respected acoustics and vibration centers at a major research university
  22. Herrick Laboratories, Purdue University – https://engineering.purdue.edu/Herrick – Includes an acoustics lab dedicated to graduate education and engineering research
  23. Keyence – https://www.keyence.com/ss/products/measure/measurement_library/basic/term/ – Terminology for laser measurement system selection
  24. Structural Dynamics Research Laboratory (SDRL) – http://sdrl.uc.edu – Develop, investigates, and evaluates experimental approaches to the estimation of the dynamic properties of structural systems
  25. Shock and Vibration Exchange – http://savecenter.org – A “clearing house” for persons interested in shock and vibration and related specialties, formerly Shock & Vibration Information Analysis Center (SAVIAC)
  26. La Sociedad Española de Acústica – http://sea-acustica.es – Promotes the progress of Acoustics in its different fields, aspects and applications through study, information, dissemination and advice
  27. Royal Institute of Technology – https://kth.se/sci/centra/odqvist/facilities/test – Largest university centre in northern Europe for experimental work related to sound and vibration problems
  28. Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) – http://topics.sae.org/noise-vibration-and-harshness – Direct link to SAE’s acoustics and vibration articles, standards, and technical papers
  29. Society of Experimental Mechanics – http://sem.org – A nonprofit scientific and educational organization with the original goal to further the knowledge of stress and strain analysis and related technologies
  30. Maintenance and Reliability Center (MARCON) at the University of Tennessee – https://rmc.utk.edu – Provides education, research and development, and information exchange
  31. Turkish Acoustical Society – http://takder.org – Provides communication and cooperation among people working in various fields related to acoustics in Turkey
  32. UK Institute of Acoustics – http://ioa.org.uk – The UK’s professional body for those working in Acoustics, Noise and Vibration
  33. Virginia Polytechnic Institute Vibration and Acoustics Lab (VAL) – http://val.me.vt.edu – Education, fundamental research, and applications in acoustics and vibrations as well as support its use in industry
  34. Vibration Institute – https://www.vi-institute.org/vibration-terminology-project/ – A useful glossary of terms
  35. Western Michigan University Noise and Vibration Laboratory – http://wmich.edu/noise – Equipped with the state-of-the-art instrumentation required for measurement, analysis, and control of undesired motion and noise of structures and machinery

Enclosures, Barriers, Panels, and Chambers

  1. Acoustics First – http://acousticsfirst.com – Designs, manufactures, distributes and sells acoustical panels and soundproofing materials
  2. APS (Acoustical Panel Systems) – http://acpansys.com – Ceiling panels, absorbers, and other acoustic materials
  3. Acoustical Systems Inc. – http://acousticalsystems.com – Engineers, designs, and provides acoustical solutions for industrial, commercial, enviromental, and architectural noise control applications
  4. Advanced Environmental Concepts Inc. – http://aeccorp.com – Stretched fabric systems, shades, banquettes, draperies, custom architectural fabrications
  5. Conwed Designscape – http://conweddesignscape.com – Designs and manufactures acoustical interior wall and ceiling products and office systems
  6. Cullum Detuners Limited – http://cullum.co.uk – Noise control solutions for aerospace, energy, marine, and nuclear applications
  7. dB Engineering – http://800nonoise.com – Absorption, barrier, and damping acoustical products for architectural and industrial applications
  8. Decoustics – http://decoustics.com – Manufacturer of custom acoustical ceiling and wall products
  9. Eckel Noise Control Technologies – http://eckelusa.com– Noise control, anechoic, and test chambers
  10. Empire Acoustical – http://empireacoustical.com – Acoustical barriers, noise walls, soundproofing panels and acoustic solutions for custom design
  11. ESSI Acoustical Products – http://essiacoustical.com – Custom architectural sound control products
  12. Industrial Acoustics Company – http://industrialacoustics.com – Chambers, doors, and enclosures for architectural, HVAC, and medical applications
  13. Logison – http://logison.com – Designs and manufactures sound masking systems
  14. MBI Products – http://mbiproducts.com – Practical, decorative solution to noise control for all types of buildings
  15. Noise Barriers, LLC – http://noisebarriers.com – Acoustical doors, windows, barriers, and enclosures
  16. Pinta Acoustic – http://pinta-acoustic.com – Manufactures noise control and acoustical products for the architectural, broadcast/audio, industrial and facilities markets
  17. The Proudfoot Company, Inc. – http://theproudfootcompany.com – Acoustical barriers, pinta-acoustics foam, barriers and materials, sound absorbers and acoustical masonry units
  18. Pyrok Inc. – http://pyrokinc.com – Acoustical Wall and Ceiling Treatments
  19. Remco Technology – http://remco-tech.com – Custom designed acoustic blankets
  20. Singer Safety Company – http://singersafety.com – Materials for noise control including barriers, panels, and curtains
  21. Sound Seal Div. – http://soundseal.com – Manufacturer of commercial and architectural acoustic noise control products
  22. Tamer Industries – http://tamerind.com – Industrial noise enclosures
  23. United McGill Corp – http://mcgillairsilence.com – Industrial silencers, curtains, and panel systems


  1. MatWeb – http://matweb.com – Comprehensive materials information database with data on over 115,000 materials including metals, plastics, ceramics, and composites
  2. Acoustical Solutions – http://acousticalsolutions.com – Wide range of acoustic products for architectural applications
  3. Acoustical Surfaces Inc. – http://acousticalsurfaces.com – Products to solve soundproofing, noise control, acoustical and vibration problems
  4. Aearo Technologies LLC – http://earsc.com – Designs and manufactures custom noise, vibration, thermal and shock protection solutions
  5. Aetna Felt – http://aetnafelt.com – Industrial and consumer felt products as well as a wide variety of non-metallic materials
  6. American Acoustical Products – http://aapusa.com – Manufactures extruded vibration damping and cast sound barrier composites for OEM and industrial noise control applications
  7. American National Rubber – http://anr-co.com – Manufactures closed cell sponge rubber to produce die cut gaskets and seals for the automotive industry
  8. Autoneum Automotive – http://autoneum.com – Acoustic and thermal management for vehicles
  9. Blachford Acoustical – http://blachfordacoustics.com – Noise control products and acoustics lab
  10. BRD – https://hushcore.net – Products for HVAC noise and vibration control including absorbers, barriers, and diffusers
  11. Caligen Foam Ltd – http://caligen.co.uk – High specification foam products
  12. Concrete Solutions Inc. – http://soundsorb.com – Licenses and markets an innovative technology to produce a sound-absorbing cementitious product called SoundSorb®
  13. CTA Acoustics Inc. – http://ctaacoustics.com – Acoustical and thermal fiberglass insulated products
  14. Diamond Manufacturing – http://diamondman.com – Acoustical perforated metal products
  15. Dow Automotive – http://dowautomotive.com – Developing acoustics materials solutions for the transportation industry
  16. Duracote – http://duracote.com/sound-control – Sound control materials
  17. Dynamic Control – http://dynamat.com – Acoustic and thermal products
  18. Engineering Dynamics – http://engdynamics.co.uk – Anti-vibration mounts and rubber moulding
  19. Fabreeka – http://fabreeka.com – Vibration isolation and structural thermal break solutions
  20. Ferguson Perforating – http://fergusonperf.com – Perforated metal products
  21. Novagard – http://novagard.com – Foam seals, adhesives, and caulks
  22. FXI – http://fxi.com – Foam products for Home, Healthcare, Electronics, Industrial, Personal Care and Transportation Markets
  23. Gummi-Metal-Technik GmbH – http://gmt-gmbh.de – Manufacturer of moulded rubber and rubber-to-metal bonded anti-vibration components
  24. Heathcote Industrial Plastics – http://heathcotes.com – European supplier of constrained layer dampers, composite leaf springs, and laminated metals
  25. Hodgson and Hodgson – http://acoustic.co.uk – Acoustic and thermal insulation to a wide range of industries including, construction, automotive, rail, industrial, and domestic appliances
  26. Hutchinson (formerly Barry Controls) – http://hutchinsonai.com – Design and manufacture of products and systems technology for the control of aerospace vibration, mechanical shock, and structure-borne noise
  27. Illbruck – http://illbruck.com – Building materials
  28. Kinetics – http://kineticsnoise.com – Wide variety of noise and vibration control products and services
  29. Lavelle – http://lavelle.com – Rubber and plastic seals, boots, and isolators
  30. Lord Corporation – https://lord.com/products-and-solutions/vibration-and-motion-control/industrial – Solutions to manage motion and minimize noise, vibration and shock
  31. M & C Specialties – http://mcspecialties.com – Adhesives, anti-squeak, anti-rattle, gaskets and cushioning
  32. Mason Industries Inc – http://mason-ind.com – Acoustic and vibration engineering services and products
  33. Meneta Advanced Shims Technology – http://meneta.com – Manufacturers of anti-noise shims and back plates for the automotive industry with production in Denmark, USA, Germany, China, and India
  34. Metal Form Manufacturing – http://mfmca.com – http://mfmca.com – Acoustical noise control and reduction products
  35. Minus K Technology – http://minusk.com – Develops and manufactures vibration isolation products
  36. MPC Inc – http://mpcsilentwall.com – Architectural acoustic products
  37. Namyang Novitech Co Ltd – http://novitech.com – Korea based material supplier
  38. Noise Solutions Inc – http://noisesolutions.com – Engineered industrial noise suppression for the energy sector
  39. PAC International, Inc. – http://pac-intl.com – Sound isolation clips and other products to reduce noise transfer
  40. Paragon Manufacturing – http://noisedamp.com – Constrained layer materials including “Noiseless Steel”
  41. Polymer Technologies – http://polytechinc.com – Custom solutions for noise reduction, vibration isolation, and thermal insulation
  42. Pyrotek Noise Control – http://pyroteknc.com – Design and manufacture of a wide variety of noise reduction materials
  43. Qontrol Devices, Inc – http://qontrol.com – Vibration isolators, shock absorbers, machinery mounts, air spring, and optical tables
  44. Rempac – http://rempac.com – Converted flexible foam plastic products and services
  45. Renosol Systems – http://renosol.com – Flexible, elastomeric polyurethane systems for NVH applications
  46. Rogers Corp – http://rogerscorp.com/ec – Elastomer components for transportation, communications, electronics, chemical storage, and imaging industries
  47. Rosta-Werk – http://rosta.ch – German supplier of components for anti-vibration mountings and elastic torsion mounts
  48. Roush Anatrol – https://roush.com/our-products/noise-and-vibration-control – Noise control products and consultants based in California and Detroit
  49. Rubber Design – http://rubberdesign.nl – Vibration and noise control products and services for the marine industry
  50. Scapa Tapes – http://scapa.com/en – Bonding and adhesive components for electronics, medical, industrial and transportation markets
  51. Schwingungstechnik Broneske GmbH – http://broneske.de – Vibration control products primarily for the marine industry
  52. Sontech – http://sontech.se/sv/en – Innovative acoustic solutions and products to create a pleasant sound comfort for commercial vehicles, industry, and architecture
  53. Soundcoat Company Inc. – http://soundcoat.com – OEM noise control solutions
  54. Soundwich – http://soundwich.com – Custom-engineered NVH, thermal and underbody shielding solutions for automotive
  55. Sound Fighter Systems Inc – http://soundfighter.com – Outdoor sound absorbing products
  56. Squeaks and Rattles (NVH) Kit – http://squeaksandrattles.info – Used by automotive professionals and aftermarket dealerships around the world to eliminate unwanted interior trim noise
  57. Swedac-Acoustic – http://swedac-acoustic.com – Sound absorbents, noise barriers, damped steel sheets, viscoelastic materials, and damping cassettes
  58. Tech Products – http://novibes.com – Elastomeric isolators, shock mounts, and other anti-vibration products
  59. Technicon Industries – http://techniconacoustics.com – Designs and manufactures high-performance noise control products for OEMs of heavy equipment, power generation, transportation, and marine applications
  60. Uniseal – http://uniseal.com – Adhesives and sealants
  61. Vibrapod – http://vibrapod.com – Isolation for audio components
  62. Vibrasystems Inc – http://vibrasystems.com – Vibration isolators
  63. Vibration Control Products – http://antivibration-systems.com – Noise and vibration control products including springs, rubber mounts, and anti-vibration hangers based in Greece
  64. Vibration Isolation – http://vibrationiso.com – Manufacturers of vibration, shock and noise isolation products for industrial, commercial, HVAC and seismic applications
  65. Vibro/Dynamics Corporation – http://vibrodynamics.com – Manufacturer of machinery mounts and vibration isolators for the metal stamping and forging industries
  66. Woodbridge Group – http://woodbridgegroup.com – Comfort, acoustics, safety, structural, and insulation

Test Services

  1. NIST – https://nist.gov/nvlap – Directory of NVLAP Accredited Laboratories
  2. * American Environments Company Inc. – http://aeco.com – Testing laboratory specializing in the simulation of climatic, electromagnetic, shock, vibration and mechanical environments
  3. Blachford Acoustical – http://blachfordacoustics.com – Noise control products and acoustics lab
  4. Bowser-Morner – http://bowser-morner.com – Consulting engineering and testing in Ohio, Kentucky and Illinois
  5. * Centre Spatial de Liege (CSL) – http://www.csl.ulg.ac.be – Two high capacity vibration test facilities that are operated in clean environment for space environmental qualification
  6. * Clark Testing – http://clarktesting.com – Wide variety of testing services including shock, vibration, and seismic
  7. Intertek – http://intertek.com/building/acoustical – General testing laboratory with significant acoustical capabilities including sound absorption, transmission, and sound power
  8. Kinetics – http://kineticsnoise.com – Wide variety of noise and vibration control products and services
  9. * Link Engineering – http://linkeng.com – Testing services including noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH)
  10. Mason Industries Inc – http://mason-ind.com – Acoustic and vibration engineering services and products
  11. * Michigan Technological University, Keweenaw Research Center – http://mtukrc.org – Testing services including noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH)
  12. NGC Testing Services – http://ngctestingservices.com – Full-scale fire, acoustical, analytical and structural testing based in Buffalo, New York
  13. * National Technical Systems (NTS) – https://www.nts.com/services/testing/dynamics – Capabilities cover everything from HALT/HASS to PyroShock to Corrosion and Reliability testing
  14. Roush Anatrol – https://roush.com/our-products/noise-and-vibration-control – Noise control products and consultants based in California and Detroit
  15. Royal Institute of Technology – https://kth.se/sci/centra/odqvist/facilities/test – Largest university centre in northern Europe for experimental work related to sound and vibration problems
  16. Rubber Design – http://rubberdesign.nl – Vibration and noise control products and services for the marine industry
  17. Western Electro-Acoustic Laboratory Inc. – http://veneklasen.com/weal – NVLAP accredited acoustical laboratory in South California
  18. Wilrep Ltd. – http://wilrep.com – Products for
 machinery installation, vibration Isolation, and noise control

Test Systems, Equipment, and Sensors

  1. 01db – http://01db.com – Acoustic and vibration test systems ranging from sound level meters to multichannel data acquisition to acoustic cameras
  2. ACO Pacific, Inc. – http://acopacific.com – Manufacturer and supplier of measurement microphones and microphone systems, industrial and community noise level alarms, monitoring systems, calibrators, sound intensity probes, acoustical isolators, and noise generators
  3. Acoustics Engineering – http://acoustics-engineering.com – Developer of systems for the prediction and measurement of acoustical parameters
  4. AcSoft Ltd – http://acsoft.co.uk – Sound and vibration measurement systems including acoustic beam forming, DAQ, sensors, and analysis software
  5. ADEM – http://ademsoft.4t.com – Software for acoustic analysis and design of engine mufflers and flow ducts
  6. Alta Solutions, Inc. – http://altasol.com – Designs, manufactures, and sells sound and vibration test and monitoring systems, components, services for heavy industry
  7. * APS Dynamics – http://apsdynamics.com – Supplier of long stroke shakers for modal testing and very low frequency calibration
  8. Audio Precision – http://ap.com – High-performance audio analyzers, accessories and applications to design, validate, characterize and manufacture consumer, professional and industrial audio products
  9. B&W Engineering Corp. – http://b-w-engineering.com – Acoustic, ultrasonic, shock and vibration methods to detect defects
  10. * Bruel and Kjaer – http://bksv.com – Systems and sensors for the measurement and analysis of sound and vibration
  11. Campbell Scientific, Inc. – http://campbellsci.com – Manufacturer of data acquisition systems ideal for portable or remote noise, vibration, and harshness applications
  12. Cambridge Collaborative – http://seam.com – Products for noise and vibration design and prediction including SEAM software for statistical energy analysis
  13. Casella – http://casellasolutions.com – Equipment for industrial hygiene, occupational health, and environmental noise
  14. Castle Group Ltd – http://castlegroup.co.uk – Sound level meters and vibration measurement equipment sales, rental, and calibration
  15. Cirrus Research plc – http://cirrusresearch.co.uk – Noise measurement instrumentation including sound level meters, dosimeters, noise monitoring systems, and outdoor measurement kits
  16. Columbia Research Labs, Inc – http://crlsensors.com – Manufacturer of sensors for use in aerospace, military and industrial markets, including force balance inertial-grade accelerometers and inclinometers, piezoelectric accelerometers, vibration transmitters, and dynamic pressure sensors
  17. * Crystal Instruments – https://www.crystalinstruments.com – Manufacturer of equipment for condition monitoring, dynamic signal analysis, and vibration test control
  18. CTC – http://ctconline.com – Accelerometers, vibration sensors cables, and connectors for industrial use in condition monitoring and predictive maintenance applications
  19. DADiSP – http://dadisp.com – Develops and markets data analysis, acquisition, and scientific visualization software for scientists and engineers called The Ultimate Engineering Spreadsheet
  20. DataKustik – http://datakustik.com – Software for environmental protection including CadnA and BASTIAN
  21. * Data Physics – http://www.dataphysics.com – Vibration testing equipment including analyzers, controllers, shakers, and accessories
  22. * Dewesoft – https://dewesoft.com – Data acquisition, test, and measurement solutions
  23. Dynamic Design Solutions – http://femtools.com – Advanced software for test-analysis correlation and updating simulation models including structural static and dynamics simulation and experimental modal analysis
  24. Dytran – http://dytran.com – Vibration, force, and pressure sensors
  25. Endevco Corp. – http://endevco.com – Designs and manufacturs dynamic instrumentation for vibration, shock and pressure measurement including accelerometers, pressure transducers, shock sensors, and signal conditioners
  26. GHI Systems, Inc. – http://ghisys.com – Shock and vibration analysis hardware systems
  27. G.R.A.S. Sound & Vibration – http://gras.dk – Develops and manufactures high-quality measurement microphones and related acoustic equipment
  28. Head Acoustics – http://head-acoustics.de – Integrated acoustics and vibration solutions for noise, vibration, and harshness as well as telecom systems analysis
  29. IMPACT Engineering – http://impacteng.com – Provides automated, objective, end of line production testing systems for noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) quality of electric motors, pumps, and compressors
  30. Instantel – http://instantel.com – Manufacturer of blast monitoring technology including portable instruments to measure vibration, sound and environmental shock
  31. Instrumented Sensor Technology – http://isthq.com – Acceleration data and triaxial accelerometer logger, transportation data recorder, vibration data logger and monitor products that cover a broad range of testing and monitoring applications
  32. Kinetic Systems (Dynamic Signals) – http://dynamicsignals.com – Test & measurement systems built on PCI Express, PCI-X, PCI, ExpressCard, PXI, PXI Express, CompactPCI, VXI, USB, CAMAC, and other standards
  33. Kistler Instrument Corporation – http://kistler.com – Sensors and systems to measure pressure, force, acceleration and torque
  34. L.A.B. Equipment – http://labequipment.com – Design, manufacture, and service of product reliability and package testing equipment
  35. * Lansmont – http://www.lansmont.com – Products to measure and simulate real-world dynamics
  36. Larson Davis – http://larsondavis.com – Manufacturer of precision acoustic test and vibration measurement instrumentation
  37. Listen Inc. – https://listeninc.com – Creators of SoundCheck®, a powerful and flexible software-based electroacoustic test system for both production line and R&D testing of audio and audio electronic devices. A range of software modules and hardware options enables a system to be configured for every application and budget.
  38. * LMS International – https://www.plm.automation.siemens.com/en/products/lms/ – Simulation and Testing Solutions ranging from system dynamics, structural integrity and sound quality to durability, safety and power consumption
  39. Maul-Theet Systeme GmbH – http://maul-theet.de – Software tools and hardware for vibration measurement and analysis
  40. * MB Dynamics – http://mbdynamics.com – Squeak & rattle, modal, calibration, suspension, and vibration test systems
  41. Measurement Computing – http://mccdaq.com – Data acquisition for sound and vibration
  42. Micromega – http://micromega-dynamics.com – Specializing in the field of control and structural monitoring with active and passive vibration control solutions, monitoring solutions, and sensing systems,
  43. Microflown Technologies BV – http://microflown.com – Particle velocity sensors for sound intensity and other acoustic measurements
  44. Microtech Gefell GmbH – http://microtechgefell.de – Acoustic sensors including microphones, intensity probes, arrays, and outdoor systems
  45. The Modal Shop – http://modalshop.com – Specializes in sales and rental of sound and vibration sensing systems for the multichannel, acoustics, modal, and NVH markets
  46. Motornostix – http://motornostix.com – Online condition monitoring for rotating machinery
  47. * m+p international – http://mpihome.com – Develops and manufacturers test and measurement systems for vibration control, noise & vibration data acquisition and analysis (dynamic signal analysis), process monitoring and test stand engineering
  48. Müller-BBM – http://mbbm.de – Consulting engineering and instrumentation company in the fields of technical acoustics (including active noise control) and vibration control
  49. * National Instruments – http://ni.com – Data acquisition hardware and software for automotive, aerospace, structural, white goods, transportation, and many other industries
  50. Neutrik Cortex Instruments – http://nti-audio.com – Sound level meters, signal generators, and audio analyzers
  51. Norsonic – http://norsonic.com – Acoustic instrumentation including sound level meters, analyzers, sound cameras, and related software
  52. Oceana Sensor Technologies – http://oceanasensor.com – Sensing systems for a wide variety of vibration applications including machinery health monitoring
  53. Ono Sokki – https://www.onosokki.co.jp – Sound level meters, analyzers, and other equipment for the measurement and analysis of sound and vibration
  54. Oros – http://oros.com – Noise and vibration analyzers
  55. PCB Piezotronics Inc. – http://pcb.com – Development, production, and marketing of sensors for measuring dynamic and static pressure, force, shock, and vibration
  56. Polytec – http://polytec.com – Non-contact, laser based vibration and velocity measurement instrumentation
  57. Precision Filters Inc – http://pfinc.com – Provider of instrumentation for acoustic, vibration, and other types of measurements
  58. Prodera – http://prodera.com – Supplier of hardware and software for modal analysis systems
  59. Prosig – http://prosig.com – Fata acquisition, digital signal processing, and graphical reporting for noise and vibration, rotating machinery, and machine condition monitoring
  60. Qualmark – http://qualmark.com – Accelerated stress testing systems (HALT / HASS)
  61. Quest Technologies Inc. (now 3M Detection Solutions) – http://questtechnologies.com – Instrumentation and software systems that detect, monitor, measure, evaluate and report occupational and environmental health and safety hazards
  62. RTE Akustik + Prueftechnik – http://rte.de – Develops, manufactures and supplies products and test equipment based on acoustic methods of evaluation including acoustic testing materials and measuring the eigenfrequency
  63. Signal Systems Corporation – http://signalsystemscorp.com – Acoustics and signal processing for surveillance and reconnaissance distributed acoustic sensors
  64. Signalysis, Inc. – http://signalysis.com – Automated test systems for dynamic defect detection in bearings, DC motors, transmissions, superchargers, gears, and many other components for excessive noise and/or vibration levels
  65. Sigview – http://sigview.com – Real-time spectral analysis software for vibration analysis, general sound analysis, communication signal analysis, seismic signal analysis, voice signal analysis, and noise detection
  66. * Spectral Dynamics – http://spectraldynamics.com – Systems and software for vibration testing, structural dynamics, and acoustic analysis
  67. SpectraQuest – http://spectraquest.com – Developer and manufacturer of complete turn-key systems for training and diagnosis in machine vibration analysis, rotor balancing and shaft/coupling alignment
  68. SoundPLAN – http://soundplan.eu – Software for noise and air pollution evaluation and modeling that includes all major international standards
  69. SoundTec – http://soundtec.eu – Systems for acoustic and vibration measurement and analysis
  70. STS, Scientific and Technical Software – http://sts-soft.com – Develops and distributes VNoise, a boundary element package for vibroacoustic analysis
  71. Svantek – http://svantek.com – Designs and manufactures instruments for sound and vibration measurement and analysis
  72. * Team Corporation – http://teamcorporation.com – Engineered vibration testing solutions for improved product quality
  73. Thermotron – http://thermotron.com – Environmental test equipment for reliability assurance testing, including electrodynamic vibration test systems, environmental test chambers, accelerated stress test systems for HALT & HASS, and thermal shock chambers
  74. Topsonic – http://topsonic.de – Manufacturer of aircraft noise monitoring systems
  75. * Unholtz-Dickie Corp – http://udco.com – Vibration test systems including shakers and controllers
  76. ViAcoustics – http://viacoustics.com – Products and services to address product noise and acoustic measurement applications including DAQ, acoustic test chambers, and production line test
  77. Vibrant Technology, Inc. – http://vibetech.com – Powerful tools for post processing vibration and acoustic test data
  78. * Vibration Research – http://vibrationresearch.com – Vibration shakers and controllers
  79. Vibrock Ltd – http://vibrock.com – Seismographs, sound level meters, and dust monitors
  80. Wilcoxon Research – http://wilcoxon.com – Design and production of vibration sensors, switches, and connectors
  81. Xcite Systems Corporation – http://xcitesystems.com – Manufacturer of high force modal excitation products

Other (Trade Magazines, etc.)

  1. Acoustics Today – http://acousticstoday.org – Journal of the Acoustical Society of America
  2. Evaluation Engineering – https://evaluationengineering.com – Trade magazine delivering in-depth technical information to the test engineering market
  3. Exploresound – http://exploresound.org – ASA’s K-12 outreach site with activities for students and research-based, student tested materials for teachers
  4. Journal of Sound and Vibration – http://journals.elsevier.com/journal-of-sound-and-vibration – An independent journal devoted to the prompt publication of original papers, both theoretical and experimental, that provide new information on any aspect of sound or vibration
  5. Noiseboard – http://noiseboard.com – Book reviews, news, links, FAQ on all things about acoustics, vibration, and active noise control
  6. Noise Pollution Clearinghouse – http://nonoise.org – National non-profit organization with extensive online noise related resources
  7. Rubber and Plastics News – http://rubbernews.com – Trade journal with archives going back to January 1995, buyers guide, and other information
  8. Society of the Plastics Industry – http://plasticsindustry.org – Represents the entire plastics industry supply chain
  9. Sound and Vibration Magazine – http://sandv.com – Trade magazine for noise and vibration control, dynamic measurements, structural analysis, computer-aided engineering, machinery reliability and dynamic testing
  10. Vibration Isolation and Seismic Control Manufacturers Association – http://viscma.com – Vibration isolation and seismic control manufacturers association

Note: This list was created in conjunction with Chip Doyle for our website NVHmaterials.com almost 20 years ago when the Internet was a very different place. It was a big deal back in a time when Google was still “in beta” with only 60 million pages indexed and Lycos ruled the search engine world. Surprisingly after checking every link, over 70% of the companies from the original NVHmaterials.com directory are still in business. Below is a snapshot of the home page of the original NVHmaterials.com. Please feel free to send additions or corrections.