Visiting the Very Large Array

It is well named and very impressive, but maybe the most interesting aspect of the VLA besides the science are the videos of scientists trying to explain it to the general public:

Scientists are typically not good at the presentation, but are unbeatable at conveying the excitement. You can take an hour and watch all the videos, but these will get the point across:

  1. The Correlator – Such a complex topic, well explained by the scientists themselves
  2. Orthomode Transducers – Another great example
  3. Software Correlator – Finally, the software correlator

The last video is expecially interesting since the scientist is so uncomfortable in front of the camera. Thinking of the products I have been involved with for decades, the most powerful sales presentations have involved the technology creators. The next most powerful, a great sales engineer with a great application engineer. Using resources effectively is one key to successful sales. To be continued.

In The Beginning

After 20 years of taking from the Internet, it is time to give back. Yes, this site is tied to a company, but a company whose goal it is to make a complex world more understandable and hopefully a little more interesting.