Links to Acoustics and Vibration Companies

This list of 310 links is broken down into five categories:

Consultants – 80 links
Educational Websites – 33 links
Enclosures, Barriers, Panels, and Chambers – 23 links
Materials – 66 links
Test Services – 18 links
Test Systems, Equipment, and Sensors – 80 links
Other (Trade Magazines, etc.) – 10 links

This list was created in conjunction with Chip Doyle for our website almost 20 years ago when the Internet was a very different place. It was a big deal back in a time when Google was still “in beta” with only 60 million pages indexed and Lycos ruled the search engine world. Surprisingly after checking every link, over 70% of the companies from the original directory are still in business. Below is a snapshot of the home page of the original

Please feel free to send any additions or corrections.