Getting Personal with Apple Versus Samsung 1

There has been so much talk about Apple’s lack of innovation and how Samsung is “eating their lunch” that it seemed like a good idea to get first hand experience on where Samsung / Android is today versus Apple’s “aging” iPhone IOS. So I bought the latest / greatest Samsung Galaxy S4. First, the Sprint store experience in Santa Fe was amazing. The sales person was smart, incredibly experienced, and interesting in his own right. He has been in the Telecom industry for almost 20 years starting at places like MCI and Nextel, selling in a corporate telecom environment, and ending up in Santa Fe now for family reasons. In a word, he was overqualified. This was great for me because I wanted to hear first hand what the general public is hearing when they go into a retail store that sells both the iPhone and Android devices. He said all the right things and he was right on many levels by pointing out the facts that the iPhone is a closed environment, Android works better with Google products (Gmail, Calendar, etc.), and that Android is a better value for the money. He also suggested an LG phone because it gave a more “Google” experience and was less expensive than the Samsung. This turned out to be true, but I still went with the Samsung phone because it could accept a 64 GB memory card. Apple sells the iPhone with zero “junk” on it, just the stock apps like Mail, Safari, Calendar, Weather, etc. The Samsung phone came with “Samsung Apps,” “Samsung Hub,” “Samsung Link,” “Sprint Zone,” “Sprint Worldwide,” two email clients (Gmail and Email), two browsers (Chrome and Internet), and a bunch more. There is a learning curve here. The price was right though, the phone was only $150 after the deals. An iPhone 5 is $300. This is a bit deceiving since the Samsung only comes with 16 GB, but you can add 64 GB of memory for $50, still a much lower price. The contract was also much less expensive with 450 minutes, laptop tethering, unlimited data / messaging for $120/month. It remains to be seen how good Sprint’s coverage is around the Western US. As for my initial impression of Samsung versus Apple, Apple is still the higher quality product, even with its age and smaller screen. The build quality is better, the user interface is more elegant, and so many things “just work” right out of the box. I spent a couple hours just getting all the weird Samsung sounds to stop, the phone to lock and unlock logically, and a dozen other small details that made the Samsung unlivable right from the start. More to come tomorrow, but my absolute favorite feature of the Samsung, you’ll never guess, an on-screen keyboard with a row of numbers at the top! Funny how the little things can be so meaningful.