How Southwest Airlines Treats Passengers

I just had a great experience on Southwest Airlines and it is worth writing about considering that most airlines passengers are back flying their favorite horrible low-cost carrier. Southwest is not perfect: no seat assignments, full flights, and very limited food options, but they are mostly on-time, treat passengers well, and don’t “nickel and dime” with hidden fees such as checked baggage. Maybe a seat assignment doesn’t matter considering what people have to put up with on other airlines? Besides who on earth flies to enjoy a good meal?! Plus their frequent flier program is without equal with no blackout dates and generous rewards for their credit card.

Now they are flying to Mexico, the Caribbean, Central America, and will soon add Hawaii. It’s the best time ever to make the switch and start building up miles.

Finally, after complimenting the flight attendants during a recent trip, I found myself being handed this gem of a card as I walked off this plane, “Thank you, for being an amazing customer.” Thank you Southwest, for being an amazing airline!