Sound Matters: Booting Up My Old Computer

Here’s a blast from the past to end the week thanks to an article in The Verge this morning, “Happy fourth anniversary to my favorite tech video, ‘Booting up my old computer’,”

While the techno nostalgia is fun, The Verge article focuses on the power that the sounds convey in the associated YouTube video: a spinning hard drive accessing, the high pitched whine of an old CRT, the CD tray opening and closing, the sighs of the user trying to recover files from an ancient Acer computer, and the finality of decreasing pitch at the moment of shutdown.

While “a picture is worth 1,000 words,” sounds evoke emotional content like nothing else can. As The Verge writer beautifully concludes, “Next time we review a new Chromebook, smartphone, or VR headset, I’ll think more about what the experience is like for the ears, not just the eyes and fingertips. Because four years later — or 10 or 20 — it will be the sound that’s still stuck in our heads.”

Sound matters…