Luddites Rejoice: Wikipedia is Available in Printed Form

Thanks to the Print Wikipedia project, a printed version of Wikipedia is now available. Of course, it was instantly out of date, but you can still purchase the July 2015 snapshot of the free encyclopedia for approximately $500,000 (individual volumes are available for $80). This might seem expensive, but you get quite a bit for the money. The 7,473 700-page volumes include a 91 volume of table of contents and a 36 volume listing of the 7.5 million contributors for a total of 5,400,000 pages. Artist Michael Mandiberg created Print Wikipedia to answer the question, “How big is it?”

Michael_Mandiberg_and_Jonathan_Kiritharan_with_Print_WikipeidaArtist Michael Mandiberg and his assistant Jonathan Kiritharan of the “Print Wikipedia” project, at the “From Aaaaa! to ZZZap!” exhibition, on the day before its opening at Denny Gallery, New York City, USA