Part 6: Tools of the Trade – CRM is a different type of CRM company that tries to straddle the fine line between usability and complexity. They do this well with a website that is straightforward and a support “university,” called Insightly U. This support portal has excellent video tutorials including topics on advanced features that are not immediately obvious. New entry level customers customers are enticed with a “Forever Free” plan for up to three users and 2,500 contacts, more than enough for many startup niche technology companies. They are not the fanciest CRM around, but they make up for it in efficiency and speed. Their mobile website provides efficient access to the system while in the field so a dedicated mobile app is not needed (even though they have a marginally good one). Their free trial is easy to sign up for, regular support emails get new users started quickly, and data import is relatively painless. Data export is free, but in a strange XML format that might not be easy to import into another system. Caveat emptor! Otherwise, a good, low-cost option for implementing full featured CRM that can be integrated with Google Apps or Microsoft Office 365.