Doing What You Love Part 1

I got curious one day about Halo 4, one of the most popular first person shooter games of 2012. After enjoying video games for certain periods in my life, it seemed like a fun idea to try a modern one. It was fun at first, but long, really long. Did I really want to sit for a couple months of weekends in front of a game, blowing up one thing after another, hour after hour? Not really, I have much more interesting projects at this stage in life, but the scifi art in Halo was incredible and the story was intriguing. So after a quick search on YouTube, I found “TheRadBrad.” Here was the solution: have an expert play the game for me so I could enjoy the parts I loved without the time commitment and all that messy killing. TheRadBrad is Bradley Colburn of Kennesaw, GA and he has turned what he loves into a career. His YouTube channel has anywhere from 50K to 1.5M views per video, 862K subscribers, and 355M total video views, so Brad is certainly popular. He plays through major game titles in a couple of weeks and narrates the gameplay in a stream of consciousness style that is interesting and amusing. You can find his YouTube channel at

So how much does the 25 year old make? He is probably generating about $70K per year in advertising revenue which is not bad for playing video games all day. If you are still interested in more information about Brad, there is a good interview of him here and take a moment to read the comments, his fans just LOVE him. How’s that for brand loyalty?